June 20, 2013

NEW TRACK: Moscow Olympics - "Alphonsine"

Interfaced with sonic possibilities that have nothing to do with the real world, Moscow Olympics’ new track “Alphonsine” paints dreamy, abstract images of summer escapades and nature trips in the countryside. You can actually feel the wistful sensation of otherworldly bliss from a distance, the sunny shoegazer instrumental floating and stumbling from side to side, mining hazy guitar soundscapes that imply something magical is about to happen.

NEW VIDEO: The Ringmaster - "Parallel To My Universe"

The Ringmaster finds his sanctuary yet again on sparse triphop-laden ballads carved from the relics of ‘90s icons Billy Corgan, Moby, Portishead and Bjork. On his new single “Parallel To My Universe,” the sensitive gent delivers what we’ve come to expect from him: minimalist elegiac pop shaped by electronic trickles and hypnotic strings, bending his own voice on haunting evocations of heartbreak and angst.

The best moment in the song comes when Francis felt completely defenseless to his intense emotions despite the effort to harbor a relaxed, carefree vibe. Held in dazed gasps, he could only murmur “you don’t have the right to find me” and do away with any grand gesture of melancholy to hide from the world that he’s hurting inside, bleeding in the deep as the music swells in moody calmness and lush, orchestral ambience.

June 18, 2013

NEW TRACK: Lexi Hex - "15"

When Lexi Hex dropped her debut single “15” yesterday, a surplus witch-rap opus that combines industrial gear-grind with cutesy feminist drill, the internet netherworld breath down on its neck with heavy anticipation, even going to as far as christening the Cult Shit Media muse, the next big thing. Lexi sounds like a screechy, underage chick who loves warehouse sex and bloody sect rituals, far removed from the prim and proper aura of her contemporaries. But it’s when she raps over trap beats, repetitive yowls, and synthetic noise (Kanye West’s Yeezus, anyone?) that her personality transforms into bad-assery that barely falters, ticked with a lot of weirdness that would make you scratch your head, and say “wait a minute, this joint is fuckin’ sick and legit.” We told you so. Download it here.

June 17, 2013

NEW TRACK: Grandi Oso - "Blue Ruin"

Built from glistening piano lines and subtle orchestral ornaments, Grandi Oso reveals swivel of heartbreak, brood and ambition on “Blue Ruin.” Not every band can capture such understated complexity, supplemented by some breathtaking chamber-pop arrangements that bring to mind The National and Leonard Cohen at their most downtrodden. Grandi Oso mines this time-worn template so effortlessly while allowing free flow of sparser, mind-swept moments to spread and grow diamonds all over your ears. It felt as if modern rock has gradually ascended to baroque territory, leaving room for calm and grandiosity to meet halfway and create a beautiful offspring.

June 14, 2013

NEW TRACK: KaapiN - "Taxi Taxi"

Rarely can you hear an electronic track rip through depth and menace with such radical confidence. On “Taxi Taxi,” KaapiN extract the aforementioned asset with spazz-raver sonics and sinister piano riffs plucked from the glitchy end of homemade dance music. This time though, they’re not afraid to let the beat and aggression pound on pummeling levels. While KaapiN have taken a sinister direction on most of their songs, “Taxi Taxi” retains all the weirdness and edge of its sonic fibers with post-apocalyptic approach, brewing a magnet of storming assaults suited for goth proms.

June 13, 2013

NEW TRACK: June 12 - "Big Beautiful Country"

The kind folks at Bomba Press recently unearthed an obscure kundiman gem from the ‘70s by Leyte-based folk trio, JUNE 12. “Big Beautiful Country,” a track that’s been making rounds in the internet for the past few hours, sounds breathtakingly stunning in its lazy daydream harmonies and stripped folk instrumentation. I know it’s too early to tell, but this song fits just as nicely into the Filipino music canon of undiscovered rarities. Listening to this song on repeat just makes you appreciate life even more. Download it here.


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