February 8, 2012

NEW TRACK: Ian Zafra - "Tell Me How To Make It Right"

Ian Zafra isn’t channeling Ian Curtis, Robert Smith or Morrissey, not even fashioning a throwback to post-punk or any of its morose cousins. His upcoming solo project doesn’t have anything to do with Cebu supergroup, Sheila and the Insects. So expect less of the 80s revival shtick and gloomy, atmospheric guitar snarls that we’ve grown too fond of. His new single, “Tell Me How To Make It Right” which came out a few weeks ago, is a quietly poignant rendering of the classic singer-songwriter trope—a kind of vintage pop fixture that would remind you of acts like Cat Stevens, Elton John, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell in their ‘70s heyday. It has that middle-of-the-road vibe to it and an NPR filler that your moms and dads would love to listen and have a cup of coffee to. Listen to the track below and enjoy!

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