February 22, 2012

NEW TRACK: Kai Honasan - "In Your Face (The Slap Song)"

Not since Lily Allen and Kate Nash have we encountered a bratty superwoman who could easily get away with tossing a loafer boyfriend out of the gate for acting like a total jerk. Enter Kai Honasan, a newcomer that shares the natural warmth and wit of the aforementioned post feminists, beheading them cheater’s heads in three minutes of unadulterated sunshine pop.

Surprisingly, Honasan succeeds in turning our heads with her droll and clever songwriting, impressing us with her funny diarist confessions that connect well with every modern ladies out there. Plain and simple, she rolls out a pretty catchy tune that sticks as it captivates from start to finish, and goofs around in gratuitous instrumentation of ‘60s pop and Lilith fair sensibilities like a pro. Check out the track below and enjoy!


  1. awesome listening. ideal for by-the-shore lounging. :)

  2. Instant summer jam, Lane. One for the iPods. :)



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