February 23, 2012

NEW TRACK: Multo - "Upon Returning" and "Hallelujah and Those Things"

We’re excited to announce that Multo a.k.a. Allan Lumba is expected to drop his first full-length album, Dead Stars sometime this year, which according to the official Number Line Records site would be “more lush, layered, somber, drawn-out, and ultimately more nuanced than Footnote to Youth.” Based from the giveaway two-track bundle, “Upon Returning” and “Hallelujah and All Those Things,” it looks like Allan Lumba has finally fleshed out his 90s indie rock fetishism for a more pastel-coated psychedelic sleaze, the style—more about atmosphere and lingering textures rather than guitar-based melodies.

On “Upon Returning,” a more laidback version of Toro Y Moi comes to mind upon first few listens—that familiar, wobbly electro pulse setting a wash of static effects and that crisp drum programming  and ambient aesthetics creating a trademark that reflect Lumba’s newfound affinity with chillwave. “Hallelujah and Those Things” on the other hand, offers a more delicate sound: gospel music freak-outs ala Girls’ Father, Son Holy Ghost flourishing over homespun textures and hazy orchestral music, and blurry, multi-tracked vocals that remind us of faded memories and nostalgia about to disappear.

You can stream the tracks below and download it for free.

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