February 10, 2012

NEW TRACK: Pasta Groove Feat. Armi Millare - "Psilo"

Paolo Garcia a.k.a. Pasta Groove is back tossing and splicing samples from his old vinyl record collection, layering a beat-based, musical template with a meditative crosspiece that Erykah Badu would jam for. Such description captures the vibe on “Psilo”—a smooth slow-burner of a track that drifts, ebbs, and flows, moving in a gradual sonic muster that recalls some of Paolo’s finest works. It is ambient, chill-out and neo-soul music ambivalently lumped in together, sounding more like Badu/Aretha Franklin on acids. Armi Millare provides guest vocals on the track, and as usual, she kills it with melismatic singing that qualifies as smoldering lust to the ears. Listen to the track below.

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