February 21, 2012

NEW TRACK: Similar Objects - "Booth Bitch"

The new single from Similar Objects called “Booth Bitch” is perhaps Jorge Wieneke’s best and most accessible yet: a dollop of shape-shifting beats and sci-fi funk that works just as well on the dancefloor as it does on a bedroom juke grooving.

Accompanied by a Harajuku-inspired video that captures sexual excitement and a lot of weird dancing in the grassy park, “Booth Bitch” echoes the golden age of dance music videos, the innovative cum minimalist spunk of Christopher Walken tap dancing (“Weapon of Choice”) or monkeys playing massive tunes ala “Where’s Your Head At," those days where you can work your creativity around a tight budget and still look damn good!

So to give you a taste of what Similar Objects is up for, check out the video directed and produced by Brian Sergio and Jason Moll.

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