February 19, 2012

NEW TRACK: Some Gorgeous Accident - "Blush"

Great news! Some Gorgeous Accident is busy prepping up the release of its follow-up to last year’s underrated but awe-inspiring, Imaginary Lines—a 6-track EP released under Number Line Records. The sophomore record, the tentatively titled Sleep In Symmetry, is a collection of atmospheric, shoegaze-inflected songs featuring collaborations with Outerhope, Carnival Park, Jenny Arson, The Proctors, among others.

A track from the upcoming record called “Blush” is already available for streaming. As anticipated, it takes a nod at the noisier stuff of early ‘90s indie (shoegaze, dream-pop, dark-wave), but instead of relying on glossed-out studio tricks, Dale and company boards on a home recording polish to give it a more organic appeal. Frequent collaborator Connie Francis of Melody Style Apartment/Carnival Park shares vocal duties on this track, gracing a feather-light and barely understood singing buried underneath a pile of sweet noise and distortions. Stream the track below and be amazed at how good it is!

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