February 15, 2012

NEW TRACK: The Strangeness - "Cain Was Furious And He Was Downcast"

Yet another fuzzy-headed ruminations on primal rock n’ roll, The Strokes-style. The Strangeness’ latest single, “Cain Was Furious And He Was Downcast” sounds more 2001 (The Strokes, The Vines, The Hives) than early '70s rock (The Stooges, New York Dolls), relying on ecstatic hooks, buzz guitars and frantic oomph that kick and scream just as it was about to disappear without notice. Also watch out for that kick-ass guitar solo at 2:02, that part when you thought the energy would succumb to a god-awful transition, when it turns out, it does not.

Below is the Robert Lyren-helmed video of the song featuring scantily-clad chicks posing and dancing with the guys from The Strangeness. Watch it and indulge.


  1. Iaaaaaan!! Shinji of this band The Strangeness is my friend!! Galing nila no??? <3 <3 <3

    By the way, I'm giving you an award! Check this: http://comfortfoodstuff.blogspot.com/2012/02/liebster-award.html

    Hope to see you soon, Ian!

  2. Thanks Reg. I visit your blog on a regular basis. Nakakatuwa kasi basahin at pagmasdan yung mga photos. Hehe! ;)



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