March 28, 2012

NEW TRACK: Some Gorgeous Accident - "Your Gaze"

As previously reported, Some Gorgeous Accident will release Sleep In Symmetry sometime this year, a record which Dale described in an interview as an “interesting but challenging concept.” So far, we’ve heard the effortlessly gorgeous “Blush” featuring Connie Francis on vocals. And based from the teaser track, things might be picking up well for Dale’s shoegaze project.

Wait ‘til you hear “Your Gaze,” another track off Some Gorgeous Accident’s upcoming 6-track EP. It’s a heartbreak lament that prides a hazy swell of Cathedral noise and layered guitars, with Dale’s singing reduced to a wash of filtered echo that felt like hissings of a longing, lonely lover. Gavin Priest of indie pop band, The Proctors also contributes some zoned out, dreamy guitar squeals on the track, adding some sense of blissy, airy atmosphere to an otherwise claustrophobic sound. Give yourself a treat and listen to the track below.


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