April 9, 2012

NEW TRACK: Child/ren of the Pilgrimage - "Apostolic Dominique Fire"

Wow! A hazy, summerbeat song that's perfect for countryside road trips.

Child/ren of the Pilgrimage has recently revealed the carrier single off their upcoming debut album, Archaic. The track is called “Apostolic Dominique Fire,” a lo fi, misty guitar-pop that brings out the dreamily nostalgic feel of bands like Real Estate, Lotus Plaza, and even Grizzly Bear. Along the temperament of echoing vocal melodies, cottony guitar-lines and glimmery washes, they craft perfect summer pop while also referencing Kanye West, Islands (the band), and Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” on the lyrical stride. Those beautifully understated moments, captivated in widescreen melodies and tasteful tunesmithery, makes all the churning in our head, worth the time. More of this, please! Watch the video below.

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