April 25, 2012

BRANDON CUETO and his trippy dubstep, Pinoy style

Dubstep/Brostep/Two-step diehards, meet Brandon Cueto. He’s an upcoming Filipino electronica artist whose production style borrows heavily from the likes of Skrillex and Burial, stuffing his sound bank with wobbly bass, metal-clunking beats, dubstep breakdowns, chopped vocal loops and otherworldly electro sounds. He has a new EP out, the three-track banger called Gladiators. It’s one of our favorite underground releases of the year—a futurist, manic record that merges the pensive and the adventurous, the sonically challenging and the pastiche. We honestly love everything about it, from the Sleigh Bells-sampling “Places” to the splintering dark “Why Oh Why.”

As a treat to our ever-loyal readers, you can download the EP here for free. Check the sample track from that amazing record, below.

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