April 16, 2012

DEADBEAT HEAT: A Summer Mixtape

Sun. Tan. Beach. Road Trips. Hook-ups. Daydreaming. Nature. Love. These are the themes that we’ve considered in collating the tracks for our first ever summer mixtape. We’ve ransacked the blogosphere and band pages to hunt down the perfect sunny tunes for your download pleasure. And boy, it really is hard to trim down the list to just 12 songs as there are so many of them, floating in cyber universe waiting to be heard.

Many thanks to Mary Christine Galang a.k.a. @basterrda for helping me out with the cover design. We’re planning to work on a series of mixtapes in the near future, so watch out for that. In the meantime, you can download the tracks below, one by one. Our apologies for not bundling them up in a single download.

1. OuterhopeThe Man With The Pipes (Modulogeek Remix)
2. Ang Bandang ShirleyLarong Kalye
3. Kai HonasanHeartbeat
4. Sans Saboteur We Are New Hearts
5. Outcasts Of The Universe One Little Bomb
6. Dr. StrangeLuvAight ‘Ma
7. Patience Dear Juggernaut Swimmers (Heart & Mind)
8. The Love ChariotFeliz
9. The Sleepyheads Dreaming And Waiting For 1000 Years
10. PopulardaysMe & My Bicycle
11. Some Gorgeous AccidentStating The Obvious
12. Archaster Willow Low


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