April 23, 2012

ALBUM DOWNLOAD: APLM's 99 Problems And Maria Is 1 (2012)

99 Problems And Maria Is 1, that massive 15-track album from A Problem Like Maria is now available for download. The digital bundle follows the pay-what-you-want template, where the price is determined by what the individual consumers want to pay for it. A brief note on APLM: her debut album is actually her first solo hiphop release in eight years after getting involved in various experimental/IDM projects here and abroad. It also marks her return to crafting minimalist, soul-inflected hiphop—one that teeters with renewed confidence and feminist attitude, giving her the advantage over her contemporaries. Talking about 99 Problems via email, Maria gamely shared to us what to expect of her new record.
“It's the kind of hip hop that I always hear in my head -- booming, head bobbing, and steady. The fifteen tracks we've lovingly crafted are a testament to how much love I've got for this genre -- one can only wish that shines through the music."
Download the album here and make sure to give Maria a shout out on her Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter page. You can also stream the track "You've Got Nobody" below.

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