April 5, 2012

FRANK MAGALONA. A Snippet of his new single "Gonus" and more.

Such a tease. The snippet of Frank Magalona’s debut single, “Gonus” went viral two days ago. With every one I know fanticipating on what he'll be doing next, Frank is up to prove that he’s more than just the apparent heir to Francis Magalona’s music brand.

Via Twitter, Frank revealed that “Gonus” actually means Gone Us, a swag-speak that may have some implications with whatever’s happening in his personal life. We actually like everything about it: the electro-pulse groove, the whimsical slow jam beats, the feathery coos that remind us of Robin Thicke or even, D’Angelo at some point. Tease yourself with the one-minute snippet below and follow Frank on Twitter to get updates about him.

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