April 17, 2012

Guess Who's Back?

On a scorching hot afternoon, Pedicab dropped  their 6-track EP, Kaya Mo Mag Sando to limited coverage. There are no warning signs. Not even a press release circulating from online music zines and blogs telling us that the boys are definitely back from bedlam, ready to kick some majah ass. The record came out like it was a North Korean rocket about to hit territorial lane. Fast, unexpected, but definitely worth the surprise.

I’ve been listening to the EP for an hour now, and so far, it gets better the more I play it! Kaya Mo Mag Sando actually reminds me of the manic energy that is Pedicab’s debut album Tugish Takish, paired with the aggressive sonic experiments of Shinji, Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter. There are no throwaways in the album. Even the one-minute, title track can hold a candle to the rest of the single-worthy tracks.

Support the band by purchasing the EP here. Review to be posted soon!

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