April 14, 2012

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Lost In Translation With Bob & Jesse!

Internet has forever changed the way we listen to music. People are more in control of what they want to hear. Decades ago, we listen to popular radio as if we’re attending to church; we let ourselves be influenced by the pervasive patterns that these mass-mediated communication frontiers present and shove down our throats. To borrow Bob Dylan, “the times they are a-changing” and if you want to listen to the music you want, then go connect to the internet. There’s a big universe out there that you’re bound to explore.

But there are great things in popular radio that we look forward to every week. Bob And Jesse’s Lost In Translation, a two-hour radio program that airs every Saturday night at Jam 88.3 from 9-11 PM, offers something bigger and brighter than what we aspire for in our daily dose of blog-buzzed music and Pitchfork-approved BNMs. Featuring non-stop banters and healthy discussions that may appeal to your cerebral and fun-loving tastes, the trio of Bob, Jesse and Joee has been a radio fixture for exactly a year now. And they play kick-ass music, too: from hiphop to lost classic rock gems, from indie staples to new OPM.

Lost In Translation is celebrating their first year anniversary today. Make sure to give them a listen today as they’re broadcasting live as early as 7:00 PM. Spread the word and greet them a happy first year here on their Facebook fan page.

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