April 16, 2012

NEW TRACK: Archaster - "Khristine Anne"

“Put on some old sad bastard music, see if I care.”

Remember that one line uttered by record store clerk Barry (Jack Black) in the movie High Fidelity? It has become a jargon in the indie community for more than a decade now, a term used to describe gents who love their tunes morose and sad, slow and unabashedly quiet.

Francis Yu’s bedroom project, Archaster offers such lonely, disaffected brand with a fascinating degree of introspection that doesn’t come off as too dark or pale. Sure he mines sad troubadours for inspiration: a little Nick Drake here, some Kings Of Convenience on the side, Lush, Some Gorgeous Accident, you name it. But he makes an entire flourish out of the miscellany, incorporating rich layers of sparse electronics, dream-tinted folk melodies, and downtempo singing. Below is a new track called “Khristine Anne” off his upcoming EP, Would You Like Some Tea. Stream and dip into the unconscious, like now.

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