April 11, 2012

NEW TRACK: Kidstuff - "Softly Through The Void"

Early January, we revealed that The Strangeness have plans of cooking up the release of Outside Jesus Camp, an indie rock mixtape featuring tracks, demos, and rare recordings from their respective projects outside the band. We got the chance to talk to Francis Cabal, chief guitarist/vocalist of the band, and here’s what he has to say on the upcoming compilation:
 As for the Mixtape, well there's no details actually. We got our hands on some recording equipment and we decided to make a mixtape made up of our projects outside The Strangeness.It's not an all-covers album per se, but it features a lot of covers. Shinji has his ukelele pop solo project "El Explorador", Erwin's part of the folk duo "Vicious The Boat", Bijan started his solo project "Cosmo Canyon" fairly recently, and Jayme has an old band "Science Of Women" that's got a song or two in the release as well. We're also thinking of including a song from The Love Chariot, a band that all of us are involved in.
There’s no release date yet, but here’s a glimpse of what is to come, via the cone-filtered, folk psychedelia track, “Softly Through The Void.” It’s actually a cover of a 2008 song by psych-pop band, Elf Power. We love its barenaked simplicity, especially with Francis a.k.a. Kidstuff singing atop of a lo fi recording, letting all the darkness cave in. Listen to the track here.

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