April 9, 2012

NEW TRACK: Nyko Maca - "Rainbow"

Timeless music made for essential listening. Nyko Maca has dropped her new song just recently as part of the compilation album, Are You Listening: Keep Me Company, vol. 1. The track is called “Rainbow,” a spellbinding, quiet storm ballad that projects more than enough raw emotions to earn the words soulful, liberating, and powerful, at one time or another. The horn and instrumental arrangements are nothing short of mesmerizing, but it’s Nyko Maca’s voice that will knock you off your feet during these perfectly splendid minutes.

Download the track HERE for free. Along with NM’s “Rainbows,” you can also cop out other track releases by Julianne, Walkie Talkies, Carlos CastaƱo, Paolo Valenciano and Marco Dinglasan in the given link above!

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