April 4, 2012

NEW TRACK: A Problem Like Maria - "Gossamer Wings"

The past few months witnessed the Philippine urban music scene unfurl into a monstrous force. From an outsider point of view, it’s amazing to see the baby steps expand into something bigger and wider, with everyone in the community setting aside their differences to just concentrate in improving their respective craft. The recent development also shows how flourishing the actual scene is. It started out with Fliptop surprisingly becoming a phenomenal platform in reintroducing the local underground hiphop culture to a wider audience, with Youtube hits of rap battles amassing over a million internet views and with popular comedy gag show, Bubble Gang spoofing it on a regular basis.

Also every week, thanks to the cooperation of blog buzz and social networking sites, we get to hear fantastic teasers of upcoming releases, from People’s Future to Mighty Miscellaneous, from Loonie to the roster of Deeper Manila talents. And just a few days ago, somebody plucked from obscurity gave us one of our favorite singles of the year so far! A Problem Like Maria debuted the track “Gossamer Wings” off her first full length album, 99 Problems And Maria Is 1. It’s actually a downtempo piece with a gorgeous, minimalist vibe that plays just oh-so-perfect for late night walks on empty, big-city streets. The beats wind up feeling relaxed and earnest from start to finish, while Maria raps with a sexy strut that could cool down even the running rage of a man. And wait ‘til you hear her sing the hook in the chorus. It’s pure sex, soul and fiirreee, all in one suave! Stream the track below and make sure to visit her tumblr site here.


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  1. thanks for the review. i only got to see it now; thank gooogle search! :) the whole album was just released yesterday, if you're interested in listening to it:




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