May 28, 2012

NEW TRACK: Cynthia Alexander - "Comfort In Your Strangeness" (new version)

It’s been 15 years since Cynthia Alexander released “Comfort In Your Strangeness,” the alterno-pop classic that not only pushed the envelope of imagist poetry in pop music, but altered the local songwriting landscape in ways that still resonate today. Of course there’s more to the greatness of Cynthia Alexander’s major hit than that. It was one of the few singles in the ‘90s that embrace the talent of women in rock—that they too are capable of making stirring classics that goes golden and gets all sorts of critical plaudits.

In honor of Cynthia’s well-celebrated single, she recently uploaded a new version of “Comfort In Your Strangeness” in her RockNation account. There are subtle variations in the arrangement and some embellishments in this update, but there are hardly any changes in the melody. It still sounds timeless and effortlessly beautiful as before. Stream the new version below.


  1. Ian, this song is apparently a new mix, but not this year but in 2007.
    It was the theme song for the 2007 Cinemalaya film, "Still Life". :)

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Ed. Had it changed to "new version" instead. Cynthia posted this new version/mix a few days ago on Rocknation, prolly to remind us that the song has been existing for 15 years na. :)



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