May 12, 2012

NEW TRACK: The Ringmaster - "Lady Of All Rung Evenings"

Filed under best new music! The Ringmaster’s “Lady of All Rung Evenings” epitomizes the quiet intimacy that Francis Lorenzo displayed on Sleepwalk Circus’ debut album, Great Secret Show. But instead of swathing in distortions and shoegaze-inflected swoons to capture the existential feelings of longing and frustration, Francis keeps things mellowed down and a little feminine, basking in heart-stabbing, downtempo pop that goes to as far as conquering all hell and mud in pursuit of love. This time, he’s restless not with himself, but with his art, his woman, and the need to express himself. Watch the video below.

TR’s new album, A Delusion of Reference will be out soon. Add him here on Facebook to get some updates.

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