May 4, 2012

SPLIT SINGLE: Displaced Voices / Old Houses

Manila-based indie label, Number Line Records has released the new split single, Displaced Voices / Old Houses featuring upcoming EDM artists Third World Summer and Love In Athens. With themes ranging from sprawling urban life to summer nostalgia, the two-track bundle offers a refreshing take on electronic music while nesting on soundscapes that evoke escapism, longing, and liberty.

Third World Summer’s “Displaced Voices” as earlier reported, snatches compositional tricks from Balearic pop, mixing seaside music with hazy vocal loops, ambient sonics, and club-ready beats. It sounds like a cross between Caribou and Achillea, with a buoyant pulse that feels freshly submerged out of water. Love In Athens’ “Old Houses” brings the acidic, synth-heavy delight out of introverted dance music. It’s a murky piece of the cold kind, embracing the lushly atmospheric vibe of early 90s indie while signalling renewed interest in 80s synth-pop and homemade electronica.

Download the split bundle here.

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