June 30, 2012

NEW TRACK: The Ringmaster - "Trust Me"

Since summer of this year, Francis Lorenzo a.k.a The Ringmaster has been keeping up a steady stream of outtakes from his upcoming solo effort, Delusion of Reference. One of the leftover gems that unfortunately didn’t make it to the album cut is “Trust Me,” another track that makes you feel you’re standing next to your loved one in a cavernous room with a glint of morning light coming from holed walls. It’s a delicately crafted love song wrapped around a string-laden, drifting melody that seemed designed to reach a wide variety of listeners. Check it:

NEW TRACK: Submarine Supreme - "Bore"

The internet is home to millions of virtually unheard music waiting to be embraced or junked in the bins of a digital age relapse. Count us as one of those few people who find thrill in unearthing internet treasures that nobody would even dare to care and listen to, but still manage to grab our attention in visceral ways that we sometimes can’t understand.

By accident, we’ve bumped into Submarine Supreme—a low-keyed, bedroom haze project by Bubblegoo’s Tobit Rubio. A week ago, he posted the aberrantly charming “Bore” and it’s a track that when peeled off its skin, comes off naturally as a carefully attended piece that sounds ambitious in its homemade scope. Is it just us or it does sound like an attempt to capture the sweet distraught that is Radiohead’s In Rainbows or just an experiment in guitar textures and dizzying, stereo-panned noise? Whatever it is, we’re really excited to find out what Tobit is up to soon. Stream the track here.

June 29, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Bee Eyes - "Double Rise"

The video for “Double Rise,” the lo fi, psych pop single from Bee Eyes, takes a trendy update on the Alicia Silverstone-Liv Tyler fantasy romp: two models stuck up in what seems to be American suburban bliss, captured in random state of sexiness and sunshiney beauty. Refracted through psychedelic haze and Instagram-sprinkled cinematography, Director Steve Tirona (Sino Sikat’s “Turning My Safety Off”) manages to find room for a compelling visual that flourishes and knocks us off our feet, without sacrificing the sheer romantic brood of the song. Watch the video below:

June 28, 2012

NEW TRACK: Sinyma - "Breath Away"

Supergroup alert: Electro-samba chanteuse Nyko Maca teams up with Silverfilter and Madz Abubakar on an EDM project called Sinyma. They’re currently on the heels of recording a new album which they promised to “offer a live sampling, club room, funk-reel preview of electronica with an original script.”

On the trunk of their soon-to-be rocking material is “Breath Away,” a rent-a-diva club anthem that smothers the soft edges and bohemian vibe of Nyko Maca + Playground band with pulsating, chill-out beats and improvisational stomps. Put this one up on your night-capper playlists, spin it on parties, and get as much use of this amazing new collab. Stream it below:

June 27, 2012

NEW TRACK: Similar Objects - "Mimimomomumu"

Prolific IDM/hiphop producer Jorge Wieneke, who records as Similar Objects, stretches his mood-trotting, music persona for a gamble at pop crossover. His latest track “Mimimomomumu” offers a nocturnal and atmospheric take on Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker”, with a detail-oriented, grimy R&B swoon that recalls The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and How To Dress Well. Jorge also gets to sing the chorus hook amid a backdrop of lo-fi, futurist freak-outs and shadowy beats —his vocals processed to chopped, ghosted effects that float and fade over time.

Download the track here and listen below:

June 24, 2012


Cop this all-OPM, rainy season mixtape featuring songs about love and heartbreak, and the middle ground that ties it all. Also, make sure to support the people behind these lovely tracks by buying their records and catching them live on gigs. Let's support FIlipino music in ways we can! [ DOWNLOAD LINK ]

June 22, 2012

NEW TRACK: Eyedress - "Mountbatten"

Eyedress resurfaces with a narcotized lullaby that comes bouncing back in a wash of echoes and dreamwave sonic bed. The Idris-helmed cut is called “Mountbatten”, and it evokes the intimacy and sullen feel of Devotion-era Beach House back when they were still world-weary, lo fi fetishists wandering through the annals of the internet. But unlike old school Le Grand and Scally, Eyedress isn’t the type to build sprawling ornate out of a closed room. He’s contented to stay in just one corner, make songs smaller than heartbreak, and weep where silence is. A different take, if you’ll ask me. Stream below and download here.

June 20, 2012

NEW TRACK: Alessandra De Rossi - "After Hours"

Not a lot of people are aware of Alessandra De Rossi’s long delayed music project, Adrift—a collection of IDM and ambient-laced songs that the acclaimed actress and her beatmaker friends have recorded over the last three to four years. Just recently, she’s been hinting in her Twitter account about the possibility of releasing these unheard gems next month, with countdown hashtags of her album popping out once in a while.

One of the demo tracks that caught our attention is the three-month old “After Hours,” a triphop-infused, ethereal banger that gives way to a riveting breakdown deserving of any side-long disco edit. It’s a pretty awesome track that attempts to dive headlong into the airier wave of bedroom electronic music, with Alex churning out her best impression of a ghosted ambient deity amidst a backdrop of loops and juxtaposed interplay of beats. Check it out:

June 19, 2012

FREE EP: Goodbye Yesterday Hello Today - GYHT (2012)

It’s no secret that we have been closely following every movement made by electro-noise trio Goodbye Yesterday Hello Today. They’re easily one of our favorite new acts in the local scene, and we honestly think they should headline major gig productions and get all sorts of critical plaudits.

We’re happy to announce that their debut EP GYHT has finally arrived online for a free download! Based on first few listens, their 5-track EP offers a dangerously catchy spin of militaristic stompers, digital textures, psychedelic guitar riffs, post-punk beats and 8-bit sonics, all wrapped in a brooding but danceable, Day-Glo package. Kind of like a Poor Man’s Nine Inch Nails, with a bit of Siouxsie And The Banshees, Garbage and Skrillex thrown in the mix. If you want a dose of it, feel free to download the entire EP here.

NEW VIDEO: Earthmover - "Ivered Ago"

Filipino post-rock champs Earthmover has finally dropped the live recording clip of “Ivered Ago”—a pleasantly formless, ambient rock bombast that slightly veers away from the Mogwai/Pelican vibe of the first EP, First Sighting. Recorded and shot at Love One Another Studio, the 8-minute MV captures an intimate performance in a breathtakingly lo-fi way. Watch it below.

June 18, 2012

Hear Multo Cover Kath Bloom's "Come Here"

Perhaps as homage to the soundtrack of Before Sunrise, Allan Lumba (of Multo) took to his Soundcloud to drop a lovely cover of Kath Bloom’s sleeper hit “Come Here.” Here, he carries the barenaked simplicity of the song with just an acoustic guitar and his singing voice, pulling off a Ben Gibbard in all the right ways. Go check it:

June 17, 2012

NEW TRACK: Halik Ni Gringo - "Let's Get Plaid"

Sometime April, we posted the gleefully profane, Halik Ni Gringo track “Release The Golden Eggs”—a post-Holy Week treat for fans who have long waited to hear a new material from these novelty goofballs. Now they’re back with another NSFW track that must have been inspired by hit erotic novel, 50 Shades Of Grey. Stream the new song "Let's Get Plaid" below and download it here:

June 16, 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: Outerhope - No End In Sight (2012)

Fresh from a successful stint at the major indie pop fests in the United States, Outerhope welcomes the mid-year salvo with an introverted, schoolgirl pop record that bubbles into the world of nostalgia-gaze daydreaming, childhood memories and rainy day chirp. Their third release, No End In Sight is a creative leap from their previous releases, dosing their twee-as-fuck sound with the stylish trumps of Rainway Children and the synth-pop flourishes of ‘80s bands such as EBTG, Prefab Sprout and China Crisis. Their playground has gotten a little bit wider, yielding more ideas from behind some impenetrable screen of idiosyncrasy. But despite being awash in textures and atmospheric swirls, synthesizers and layers of electronic drums, No End In Sight still sounds undeniably and distinctly Outerhope—lazy, softened, childlike, and whimsical—qualities that seemed to reject the whole notion of cool being tough, erotic and masculine.

No End In Sight kicks off with the mournfully nostalgic “Lost Year”—an open-ended letter to the past, to which the siblings explore a ghostly, Nick Drake-like approach that welcomes and even demands repeated listens. It’s an achingly gorgeous song seeped in lush orchestration, and one that follows the experimental vaults of their old song “Five Miles” to a certain trajectory. It is followed by title track “No End In Sight” a catchy, power pop number that exhibits confidence, if not transcendence. Third song “Hear The Days Go” has a lot in common with Tracey Thorn and The Pet Shop Boys than C-86 or Sarah Records. There’s this bedsit vibe in the song that feels like the duo have somewhat surrendered to the whims of clubland pop and electronic music, but of the introverted kind. The EP ends with “Pale as The Day,” a throwback to the intimate folk musings of their Strangely Paired days.

Outerhope’s No End In Sight ends quick at fourteen minutes, like daydreaming have suddenly morphed into cinematic impulses of children running into the wilderness, joyously picking up where their youth is. It’s so short that you’d wish to repeat the experience all over again, until you get past the feeling and call it a day.  A- 

June 15, 2012

NEW TRACK: Zia - "So Much In Love"

Zia Quizon’s debut self-titled album is nowhere near celebratory, but it carries a smarmy charm that no mainstream Pinay singer has delivered in the last 5 years. We’re glad that one of our favorites in her album, “So Much In Love” is now available on pop radio as the third official release! It’s a horn-punctuated, retro soul ditty featuring a vocal performance that strikes us fancy. When Zia breaks out in the chorus, you could just smell the class act in her—a rarity in today’s popular music inhabited by boring cover acts and Mariah-aping divettes. Hear the track below and download it on iTunes here.

June 14, 2012

NEW TRACK: Ciudad - "There's A Lonely Road To Sunday Night"

Nearly two decades in the game, Ciudad continues to come up with great songs that hit the emo spot, returning with a twee-as-fuck burner that you can soon add to their bag of instant gig sing-alongs and mush riots. Their new single “There’s A Lonely Road To Sunday Night” is inarguably tight and polished, while still maintaining an interminable lo-fi aesthetic that sounds like a throwback to their Bring Your Friends days. Listen to this amazing track below:

June 8, 2012

NEW TRACK: Outcasts Of The Universe - "Generator First Floor"

Outcasts Of The Universe’s sparse but imaginative take on lo-fi pop never ceases to amaze us. This time they’re back with another impeccably composed jam that features upcoming indie artist, This Problem Of Hell. The new banger is called “Generator First Floor” and it has this warm, synthetic glow akin to a poppier Grimes/Purity Ring, only with an emotional core that feels more human than half-assed robotic. Not many bands can be able to hold court over a track this spare and beguiling, but these guys truly own it. Check it out:

NEW TRACK: Rico Blanco - "Amats"

Few days after premiering his latest single on mainstream radio, Rico Blanco took to his Twitter to post the streaming link to “Amats”—a dark, gauzy stalker anthem that combines solid pop songcraft with idiosyncratic oomph. It’s another ridiculously great song that’s an impressive addition to his arsenal of solo hits, and we can’t wait for this to shoot up the charts and dump the Angeline Quintos and Christian Bautistas of planet MYX-hoes. Stream it below and tell us what you think.

June 7, 2012

NEW TRACK: Goodbye Yesterday Hello Today - "Danse Macabre"

Goodbye Yesterday Hello Today will be releasing their debut 5-track EP, GYHT on 06/15, and it will be available for free! So far, we’ve placed our bets on “Danse Macabre”—a bombastic, digital punk raver that attempts to establish the middle ground between Nine Inch Nails and Blondie, albeit in an entertainingly messy way. There’s something admirable about how this track takes aim at the band’s influences (industrial, electro, noise, post-punk, synth-pop, nu metal, nu-rave) with a tommy gun full of risqué and eccentricities, and yet it still has this fun, crazy side that makes the package wholly appealing and accessible. Bang your head to this and download the remastered version here.

June 4, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Tarsius - "Deathless Gods"

It looks like Diego Mapa and Jay Gapasin have greater things in stored for their electronic music project this year. First, they’ll be debuting their hit internet album, Pirate on 12” vinyl for a limited release, with a massive launch to follow suit. And just recently, they’ve collaborated with acclaimed music video director Marie Jamora to helm the live performance video of “Deathless Gods”—a banging, laptop-and-drums IDM jam that unites danceheads, indie kids, and scenesters in one heck of a mosh roll. The rotating, one-take clip shows Diego looking damn serious and busy tweaking his electronic gears while allowing the spotlight to take over Jay pounding the skins like a vicious pro. Watch the video below.

NEW TRACK: Some Gorgeous Accident - "On A Clear Day"

Dale Marquez and Micaela Benedicto are up to something beautiful and breathtaking, collaborating on the hazy, dream-pop track “On A Clear Day” for the upcoming Some Gorgeous Accident EP, Sleep In Symmetry. Having broken through a distinctive sound, Dale continues to lift off a winged surreal world, coasting up out of Earth with layers of sugar-coated, textured noise and swooshing guitars ascending to a slow-dragging take off. Mick on the other hand, lets her childlike, whimsy vocals be awashed by a Cathedral wall of sound, providing a deceptively emotional mix that evokes vertigo and nostalgia, beauty and pain. Stream this gorgeous track below!

June 3, 2012

DONG ABAY shares details of new album 'REBULTO'

Grabbed from Dong Abay's official Facebook page
Acclaimed folk-punk legend Dong Abay is all set to release the follow-up to his 2006 album Flipino sometime this year! In a recent interview with Team Manila, Dong revealed that his upcoming 7-track record, Rebulto  would pay tribute to Jose Rizal and how in a fictional account, he’d imagine the National Hero rise from the ground and start commenting on the present state of the country. “Ano kaya gawan ko ng kuwento na isang gabi gumalaw si Jose Rizal at kumanta siya, tapos tumigas ulit.” On this video, he also shares the concept behind  "Kilometer Zero," "Rizal Day," "Anonymous" and other songs in the sophomore album.

Here’s what Raimund Marasigan of Sandwich/Pedicab/Cambio has to say on his involvement in the recording process of Rebulto. Watch it, folks!


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