June 20, 2012

NEW TRACK: Alessandra De Rossi - "After Hours"

Not a lot of people are aware of Alessandra De Rossi’s long delayed music project, Adrift—a collection of IDM and ambient-laced songs that the acclaimed actress and her beatmaker friends have recorded over the last three to four years. Just recently, she’s been hinting in her Twitter account about the possibility of releasing these unheard gems next month, with countdown hashtags of her album popping out once in a while.

One of the demo tracks that caught our attention is the three-month old “After Hours,” a triphop-infused, ethereal banger that gives way to a riveting breakdown deserving of any side-long disco edit. It’s a pretty awesome track that attempts to dive headlong into the airier wave of bedroom electronic music, with Alex churning out her best impression of a ghosted ambient deity amidst a backdrop of loops and juxtaposed interplay of beats. Check it out:

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