June 30, 2012

NEW TRACK: Submarine Supreme - "Bore"

The internet is home to millions of virtually unheard music waiting to be embraced or junked in the bins of a digital age relapse. Count us as one of those few people who find thrill in unearthing internet treasures that nobody would even dare to care and listen to, but still manage to grab our attention in visceral ways that we sometimes can’t understand.

By accident, we’ve bumped into Submarine Supreme—a low-keyed, bedroom haze project by Bubblegoo’s Tobit Rubio. A week ago, he posted the aberrantly charming “Bore” and it’s a track that when peeled off its skin, comes off naturally as a carefully attended piece that sounds ambitious in its homemade scope. Is it just us or it does sound like an attempt to capture the sweet distraught that is Radiohead’s In Rainbows or just an experiment in guitar textures and dizzying, stereo-panned noise? Whatever it is, we’re really excited to find out what Tobit is up to soon. Stream the track here.

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