July 30, 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: Similar Objects - OverSoulUrgy (2012)

SimilarObjects, Jorge Juan B. Wieneke V in real life, has been under the radar since 2010. Since then, he’s been tirelessly culling beats and frequencies from different spheres of sounds, weaving nothing but a fine gossamer end product. It’s quite difficult to pigeonhole Jorge’s music to one or two specific genres, though one would only need his ears and mind to surrender to his own body’s rhythms, getting attuned to a hidden, alternate environment.

Following 9 impressive releases (the last was released barely 5 months before), the prolific beat master comes up with OverSoulUrgy, an independently released 11-track effort that summons to “enter the pause that refreshes” - tuning out from all sounds but his. One common thing in his entire body of work is that there always seems to be something deeply embedded in the layers of each track (with curious and interesting titles to match) that effortlessly draws binaural attention.

“MvScrn” forewarns with hazy synths swirling lazily throughout, prepping for a viscerally-tuned experience. “WeatheredRockSunset” is a cocoon of aesthetics and warmth, justly apt for a twilight track. The beautifully laid copious sounds tinker like harps that soothe and at the same time, projects a vivid serene imagery filled of tangerines and purples. Furthermore, “@ffinitee” and “Dolphins Under Orion” both brims with pastel synths, the former rich with glitches and skipping nostalgia-imbued waves.

Broody and heavily-laden tracks set a delicate balance in the set, as you listen to “BaruKereti” and “Fantasy Feline Fem”. While Jorge seems to have mastered the melancholy game in “Sacred Door/s” and “Fractal Fanta”, he switches the notch a little in “<3worm” and “pos+/-neg”, with supple and bolder resonance. A personal favorite, “Michael’s Cloak (callonit)”, is a 297-second story of its own. It begins with a strong, yet hushed, rarefied intimacy, echoing early Daft Punk, packed with the right punches at all the right moments. The buildup towards the middle half is palpable, inevitably heeding you to groove in its captivating allure.

Suffice to say, OverSoulUrgy dazzles with sophisticated songcraft; but even more astoundingly, it embodies a lost, toxic spirit seeking for sobriety and calm. Jorge’s tracks descend into a lush, melodic fog, where an emotional struggle rages in a series of juxtaposed scenarios, as if a Sigur Ros album mixed with How To Dress Well and laced with 808s had been played out entirely in a locked basement only you have an access to. As far as a compilation record goes, OverSoulUrgy plays on with its thematically-driven presentation, woven from the same fabric. Objectively, as local IDM, glitch, and abstract music slowly circulate the scene and gain wider audience, as Jorge justly exemplified, there is indeed a lot to be said from his EPs, including this one, without necessarily uttering too many words. He did (more than) well enough to be heard.    A- 

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