July 13, 2012

FREE ALBUM: K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG - K▲B▲B▲L▲GH▲N (2012)

Filipino witchtronic producer K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG has recently dropped an 8-track album that explores disconnected, ghostly soundscapes and slow-dragging beats often associated to music acts such as oOoOO and White Ring. Aptly titled K▲B▲B▲L▲GH▲N, the new record under Cult Shit Records reflects the internet age’s growing fetishism on occult imageries and typographic elements, skewing and splicing music in indecipherable codes spoken only by the language of the esoteric. If you dig sample-heavy, ethereal stuff then this might work for you. Cop it here for free.

Below is “Opalus,” the first song off his upcoming album, The Last ▲. Stream it and tell us what you think.

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