July 18, 2012

FREE BEAT TAPE: Eyedress - Nature Trips (2012)

Prolific, all-around musician/producer Eyedress (Idris Vicuna) has dropped his deliriously trippy and psychedelic beat tape, Nature Trips just yesterday to give us a foretaste of what’s in stored for his upcoming solo debut under the Number Line Records banner. In the constantly shifting world of IDM where trends seem to expire before you’ve finished drinking your second bottle of beer, Eyedress' Nature Trips offers an earthy package that fits both esoteric dancefloor and mood-time, countryside driving—soundscapes, that when perceived abstractly, unravel a world where you don’t have to end up worrying much about anything at all. Cop this amazing beat tape here.

Below is "Babe Slayer," the first single off Nature Trips. Listen to it and tell us what you think.

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