July 19, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Bagetsafonik - "Airports"

Amid all the well-justified hype that surrounds recent releases by Encounters With A Yeti, Dong Abay and Ciudad, not a lot of people have been paying attention to Bagetsafonik’s self-titled sophomore record—a well-crafted collection of bittersweet tunes that may just end up on top of our favorite OPM albums list this year. Like Sugarfree’s Talaarawan or Cambio’s Derby Light, it’s a thematically consistent record that’s “beautiful in its ugliness to show a love that ended in terminal decay,” as we’ve pointed out in our March 11, 2012 review.

Four months after the album launch, we’re glad that Bagetsafonik has finally released the official MV for their first single “Airports.” Helmed by Jerome Albrando, its slick-looking video is one for the memory banks, featuring the band members on different tropes of accidents at home. There’s nothing really fancy and mind-puzzling about the concept, but it’s something that verges on the cute especially after seeing these guys just make fun of themselves in front of the camera, stamping their individual personality with no pretensions on the side. Watch it, folks!

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