August 14, 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: Eyedress - Half Japanese (2012)

Released last month, Idris Vicuña’s Nature Trips serves as feast for the senses, a beat tape filled with palatable mixture of bittersweet sounds, dreamscapes, and ketamine swirling pleasantly in ear-candy rapture. Its effect is dissociative, creating a blurry, boundless universe that magnets you to its whim.

Applying this metaphor would not be repetitive, but merely a continuation of the trippy offering Eyedress generously laid out in Half Japanese, his first solo effort under Number Line Records. Warmly hazy and brimming with tepid, innocuous tinge of nostalgia, Half Japanese evokes too many passive and subconscious feelings which rise into the surface after a day spent in autopilot maneuver.

There’s that vague hint of a default Haruki Murakami plot which seemingly laze in the washed out vocals of “Mountbatten”, with the gentle strumming of Oriental strings serving as an accompaniment. Charged with teenage misery and drama, “Teen Spirits” opens with “when we die, will you still be mine? In the afterlife, ‘til the end of time,” stabbing straight to the apex of a tragically wounded heart. Then there’s the passionate pleas and conveyed promises in “Tokyo Ghost”, a song dotted with moseyed beats best pictured with the longing stares of an agonized soul in an airport’s departure area. “Death Bed” strolls in classic Nintendo sonics, glazed with lounge-pop skitter that complements Cat Cortez’s sickly sweet vocals.

Short and bittersweet, Eyedress' Half Japanese successfully takes you to an 11-minute wooze cruise, maybe not a decent length of a complete psychedelic trip, but nonetheless, a more-than-decent preamble to one. Its slow-wave pace, crestless storytelling, and meandered synths will undoubtedly escort its listeners to the epicenter of surrealism-- a temporary refuge that shields you away from reality check.   A- 

Review c/o: Mary Christine Galang
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