August 27, 2012

EP DOWNLOAD: A Problem Like Maria - "Saudade" (2012)

On A Problem Like Maria’s new EP Saudade, Maria made a deliberate effort to distance herself from the minimalist, soul-inflected hiphop of her debut to give way for a lyrically introspective pop record that showcases the fragile beauty of her vocals. Upon multiple listens, I also figured out how there’s a Zen-like quality to it that floats understatedly from one song to another, rendering the type of quiet old blues and folksy guitar-pop tunes that refuse to retread into some sort of sell-out formula and predictability.

Over the weekend Maria told us why she opted to ditch her urban sound for the mean time and focus on something different and more singer-songwriter-friendly. “This one is anything but, which is probably confusing for some. I've always had trouble sticking to a genre, though. In any case; "Saudade" is the most unguarded, most honest, most myself that I've been in music. Ever. It's quite a terrifying thing to release it; but there's a perverse sort of thrill in what I'm doing, just the same.” 

Her new EP is available for digital download that follows the pay-what-you-want template. Make sure to cop it here before it fades out in the innernet. Check out her track called "The Girl Can't Help It" below.

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