August 12, 2012

NEW TRACK: Archaster - "Hometown"

Archaster’s new track “Hometown” finds Francis Yu contemplating on his decision to leave the town encrusted with memories of his friends and family, nothing coming out in his words but grieving from a distance. The music around him sways in between hopelessness and lament, chiming in the pangs of a brooding road-folk sentimentality reminiscent of The National’s work in High Violet and Alligator.

“Let’s take a walk down to the streets of Valenzuela, walk down with me,” he muses with a heavy heart, clouded with thoughts that it might be the last time he’ll get to experience walking on a late-night empty street with familiarity winding down in thick air. Archaster’s reputation for sad bastard melancholia is pretty evident in this track and a closer listen reveals big moments that get more affecting with more listens. What draws me into this emotional claustrophobia is the way the music gets into the layer of the storytelling, providing crack of light coming through darkness. Listen to it below:

Archaster’s “Hometown” is part of Habagat Sounds, a music compilation commissioned by Artiste Connect to aid the calamity victims in Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon. You can give P100, P500 or P1000 to have an access to a folder containing awesome OPM songs, this track included. All proceeds will go to Rock Ed Philippines and its effort to help the typhoon victims. For more information on how to purchase the compilation record, visit their website here.

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