August 16, 2012

NEW TRACK: Gloc 9 Feat. Ebe Dancel - "Sirena"

Homophobia, whether direct or implicit, has always been present in Philippine contemporary music, a testament of how divided modern society is when it comes to approaching issues that hound gender and sexuality lines. From Michael V.’s “Hindi Ako Bakla” to something as offensive as Blakdyak’s “Modelong Charing”, gays of the loud kind have been mocked by some misguided artists who’d resort to ill-considered caricaturing of homosexuals in favor of entertainment fluff.

On the polar opposite, there are few artists that deserve plenty of kudos for sticking it out with the LGBTQ community, standing even more strongly on the power of art as an expression to advocate gender equality. Gloc 9’s new single “Sirena”, while deemed by others as stunted shock factor or just pretentious sloganeering, sends a pro-gay message that doesn’t come off as a duty to please a certain demographic. Told in first person perspective, Aristotle Pollisco takes the role of a hardworking gay man who hurdled his childhood and teenage years being the center of ridicule, yet remains to be a colorful, forgiving, and responsible person unfazed by other people’s opinion of him.

Ebe Dancel lends a helping hand by singing the chorus hook, spewing the self-empowering line “Ako’y isang Sirena, kahit anong sabihin nila ako ay ubod ng ganda” in a mantra-like grind that cuts right to the soul of every gay men and the world that’s been ignorant of the real struggles of LGBTQ youth. But Gloc 9’s narrative flow and delivery makes it more special and uplifting. Aside from acknowledging and embracing the humanity of gay people through a music genre that had long-standing issues with the LGBTQ in the past, he also channels his message through a valid art form that catalyzes critical thinking and inspires individuals. That itself is something that goes beyond art, something that is truly relevant especially in a time when rampant homophobia is a bubbling issue across our culture.


  1. sabi nga lahat tayoy may karapatan maging sino ka man o ano ka man bakla tomboy lalake babae lahat lng tayoy tao na may karapatang lumigaya sa ating sariling paraan ,tayoy may kanya kanyang damdamin at isipan ,kayat buksan ang ating ispan :)

  2. lahat tayo may karapatang pumili ng kung ano ang tama. Kung ano ang talagang tama. kung may pipili ng mali, sa kanila na yun.



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