August 11, 2012

NEW TRACK: Sandwich - "Mayday"

An anthem doesn’t attempt to be anything. It just is. And that’s everything I like about Sandwich’s break-out hit “Sugod." It's a song that aside from transcending social class and margins, tackles the quintessential hymn of all music festival goers and free gig campers, the glee that ensued in every beer-wasted rock n’ roll moshpits, and the fun and fulfilment live music brings to the table. While not everyone will agree with me, it is without any doubt, this generation’s answer to Juan Dela Cruz Band’s “Ang Himig Natin” or Sampaguita’s “Bonggahan”—an anthem that nurtures the wild side of youth culture in an authentic way, where it smells natural and bohemian.

Same can be said on “Mayday,” Sandwich’s attempt to rewrite “Sugod” with a surf-rock flair that recalls The Pixies and a poppier Sonic Youth. But instead on universalizing the collective embrace of every gig goers out there, Raymund and gang pays tribute on the culprit behind some of the best rock n’ roll parties and gigs thrown in recent memory. Yes, more than anything else, it’s a song about Mei Bastes—the tattooed events organizer who at one point in her life, brought free live music to a different dimension that united all music fans from all walks of life. It’s an anthem to get your hips to dancing and like every nostalgia fetishists, a recollection of a time when every Meiday gig is worth looking forward to. Watch it here:

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