August 26, 2012

NEW TRACK: Toshi Andoroid - "What Ifs"

Toshi Andoroid, an electro-pop sextet whose members belong to indie rock veterans Tether, Identikit, Paranoid City and Valet Parking, has recently recorded an awesome dinnertime demo called “What Ifs.” Although the new track sounds like what you’d expect to emerge from a collaborative project among the members’ other bands, its flair for beautifully nostalgic trappings and near-perfect but downcast introverted pop sticks like a breath of fresh air from  dime-a-dozen bands releasing pretty much the same thing.

I personally like how Sandy Buladaco sings like a sunken muse laying waste to the emotional torture of nostalgia and regret, and allowing her voice to get clouded by textured, hazy wall of sounds as if it needed a warm hug. You can feel her breath in your neck. And by such, you want to empathize to her pleading-- her lonesome voice that reeks of guilt, of a request for time reversal that most likely will never happen. It's a sad, beautiful lament for every tortured souls out there, and Sandy just happened to share the blues by singing and dealing with it. Download the track here and listen below:

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