August 7, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Pedicab - "Otomatik"

“Oh Diyos ko, ayoko maging robot.” It’s a sentiment shared by thousands of caffeinated zombies working their butts off a corporate boredom, dreaming of trips abroad and a perfect tan. Pedicab captures such collective yearning in the video for their new single “Otomatik”—an agitated, surf-punk raver with honeyed disco beats dripping like it’s about to grow sunflower. Shot in Vietnam, the video features the band enjoying their vacation, goofing around in Ho Chi Minh and other interesting places in the Southern-most part of the country. It’s a fun clip fashioned with classic Pedicab humor, Kraftwerk-posing shots, and space glasses, something you'd expect from a bunch of kiddos just having the time of their life. Turn this up on full volume and watch:

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