August 15, 2012

PINNED: Outcasts Of The Universe

We’ve first heard of Outcasts Of The Universe on the inclusion of the charming downtempo “One Little Bomb” in an independent compilation album released over a year ago. Since then, we’ve followed their releases on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and found ourselves engulfed to their intimate yet dreamy pop universe—a totally different vibe that separates them from the recent crop of musicians dishing electronic pop music that sadly, lacks emotional resonance and warmth.

With Outcasts Of The Universe, you can instantly feel that strong human pulse steering in the beats and contours of their music. There’s emotional connection breathing in cybernetic idiom, throbbing as if it mimics the sound of a human body. And yes, the music doesn’t just demand you to dance in your bedroom; but also, makes you feel the emotions and vibe emanating from their songs. We got the chance to talk to Antz, one half of the electro-pop duo OOTU. In detail, he reveals his thoughts about the upcoming record to be released this year, Baron Geisler, and the anonymity that they pull off in live performances and gigs.

Q: How do you feel about the word-of-mouth praises and hype you're getting from random strangers who happened to get hooked to your music? Things are kind of exploding for you this year.
Charmed, Thankful and Blessed.

Q: Tell us something about your new single "One Little Bomb." We've first heard about the song in an all-Filipino indie band compilation some years ago.
“One Little Bomb” is the first track we've ever recorded so it just seems proper to release it as our first single. And yes, it was first featured on the "Everything Is Fine" compilation by Bangkok-based label Sea Indie.

Q: How does it feel like working with Baron Geisler on the video of "One Little Bomb?" A lot of bad press about him has surfaced over the years regarding his work ethics.
Baron was very easy to work with during the video shoot. And we're very radiant that he said yes to our invitation. He's cool.

Q: There's that Daydream Cycle vibe going on with some of your songs. Are you guys inspired by them or it just so happened that you share the same aesthetic and feel?
I like and miss Daydream Cycle and yes, you can say that we share the same vibe coz all of the electronic sounds going on in our songs. And I hope they come back performing again. To share a stage with them will be awesome.

Q: "Open Hearts" is a personal favorite. What is the song actually all about?
“Open Hearts (Absorbed & Disposed)” basically deals with unrequited love. Unanswered. Unreturned. Yes. I think that's the core of that song when I wrote it.

Q: Because the masks and dressing up have become an integral part of your gig performance, we're wondering if there's an instance where you've performed without anything that covers your face.
At this point, I think it's very unlikely because we are advocating anonymity during our live sets, making the music the face. The electronic beats and soundscapes the rhythm, the heartbeat.

Q: There's undeniable chemistry between you and your she-who-shall-not-be-named music partner. Where did you guys get it from?
I think it comes from the friendship that we've built over the years.

Any EP or album in the works?
We are currently finishing recording new tracks and hopefully a proper release from us will be out this year. I'm very excited to share this future release to all our friends and to all the dear random strangers who dig our music. And I'm positive that you all are going to trip out on it. Hmmm, You can call it Trip Out music if you want. Hehehe!

So what kind of records do you listen to on your own?
I listen to a lot. I draw inspiration to a lot of music and right now, I'm listening to Jonwayne, J Dilla, Prefuse 73 and revisiting Ladytron as well.


  1. WTF! does these guys know the band knife? c'mon!

  2. You haven't mentioned anything about Sleep Party People...



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