September 9, 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: Tide/Edit - Ideas (2012)

In the arena of instrumental music, where electronic, IDM, and dubstep lord with their vast play of intricate, elaborate sounds and meandering styles, post-rock remains to be in the less hyperventilating corner, a genre that demands more somber acuity than anything else tapped in the similar vein. But even in that, we can find our wanting of a softer and less dramatic ensemble sometimes – which is where tide/edit comes in. The band classifies their sound as ‘happy music’, and they make just that. But happiness is subjective, when one may jump with glee, and the other, wistfully absorbed by unexplained warmth. Their debut EP Ideas catapults you into the alternate side of consciousness. They maintain the element of passion where their genre roots from, but kept it short, allowing you to catch your breath and bask in the afterglow of each track.

“Backpack” fits well as the opening track, with its dousing riffs urging you to embark on a half-hour journey. The transition is idyllically breathtaking, given its timeframe that only clocks short of 180 seconds. This says a lot when it comes to expecting a promising leverage for the succeeding tracks. “Status” rams with succinct percussion arrangement, gliding with rhythmic buoyancy. Then there’s “Nine,” a heartbreakingly trapping song that stings full of unyielding emotions all throughout. Halfway through is “Calls From You,” a refreshing track layered with soothed cuts and scratches. “Pagbangon” fares well with “Bikes” in a gutsy combination of livening and joyous progression, with the latter ending in melancholy pedals. “Close Your Eyes” lounges its beats in a graceful cadence, punctuating the album in a hushed and nimble sigh.

There’s always a danger when it comes to instrumental music, when the artists fail to sustain what they managed to compel or provoke in the first place. When the emotion is brewed ingeniously and then left hanging on a momentum drop, it ends up as sullen, background music. On a personal note, that did not happen in this record. This is when one realizes the effect that music has on him or her that changed something within that’s beyond expectation. It shaves off all the pretensions, and just reveals what is innocent and pure that lies inside.  A  /  B 

The “review contributor” and the “blog owner” came to an agreement of posting two ratings for this review to highlight each person’s individual stand on the album. 

Review c/o: Mary Christine Galang
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