September 11, 2012

NEW TRACK: Cara Manglapus - "Gone" (Produced by JDG)

Newcomer Cara Manglapus stands out among the new-fangled pack of aspiring recording artists posting their stuff in the interwebs. Her voice—characterized by sultriness and foreboding smoothness—strikes familiarity somewhere between Kyla and Yosha, pulling you closer into its mesmeric lace.

Few weeks ago, she hooked up with Deeper Manila’s Justin De Guzman for a smoketastic, jazzy pop number designed with coffee shop minimalism in mind. The result of this unlikely collab is nothing short of fantastic: JDG gives his new muse some sense of heartbeat-steady space that taps over laidback rhythms, to which Cara responds with a call of ecstasy. Stream the track below:

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