September 16, 2012

NEW TRACK: Dash Calzado Feat. Shirley Fuentes x B-Roc - "Illegitimate Kingz"

The curious thing about “Illegitimate Kingz” is that Dash Calzado is obviously not in a hurry. Before unleashing a fistful of rhymes and rhythm, he waits a minute and a half, letting the listener eavesdrop on a conversation about snares and sounds, smoothing the vibe through a drift of funky beats, drums, and horns. The moment he raps he pounds with a certain confidence, one that avoids overemphasis on words but sticks instead to keeping a nice flow, cutting down on lyrical excesses as much as possible.

B-Roc, on the other hand, spits bars with a relaxed mix of English and Filipino, receiving the ball from Dash and spinning it on his fingers. But on top of their smacking verses, there's a surprise serving: one that comes from Shirley Fuentes, providing the song with a sultry hook in the chorus. Who would have thought the 90s sexy actress had it in her? She makes the track simmer with sunshine, as if blowing a kiss when she sings. Go ahead and give "Illegitimate Kingz" a listen. It surely takes a while before it cools down. - Richard Bolisay


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