September 3, 2012

NEW TRACK: DJ Arbie Won Feat. Katwo | Analog MC - "Trapper Keeper"

DJ Arbie Won is all set to release his all-star bag of an album United Freestyles Volume 3, featuring guest vocals by Drip’s Beng Calma, Nyko Maca, and Nimbus 9 to name a few. This time, he’s gotten better and more interesting with his production style, nailing turntablist rhythms with kaleidoscopic, femme-fatale pop and streetwise funk, rabidly skewed in old school fashion, Arbie style.

Such is the case of his new single “Trapper Kipper,” where he shares the spotlight with his new muse Katwo Puertollano –the feisty front woman of indie rock icons Duster and Narda—unclothing her with a big-tent personality that pinches a thing or two from M.I.A. to Robyn, Santigold to our very own, Sampaguita. Not to be left out, Analog MC provides a tongue-in-cheek verse as support to Katwo’s fearless embodiment of the cool, not afraid to top some cheese on a straight-faced, urban swag that's bound to challenge the pop music landscape this side of the borough. Check it out:

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