September 25, 2012

NEW TRACK: Love Never Dies - "Normal Song" (Perfume Genius Cover)

Steering away from the heavenly drones of “Ascension” and the muddled rhythms of “To Here Knows When,” Love Never Dies decides to lie back and cover “Normal Song,” one of the highlights from Perfume Genius’ second album, Put Your Back N 2 It. Frankly, the gesture is nothing much but a display of admiration for Mike Hadreas, and it succeeds at that. Vocalist Karlo Cleto is able to capture the mournful pull of Hadreas’ voice, with a piano in lo-fi and a misty atmosphere, the tone sounding close to a sad surrender of a drowning man. His version is frail but it never crumbles, diligently echoing the original because there's no other reason not to. Hold someone’s hand as you listen to this. - Richard Bolisay

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