September 21, 2012

NEW TRACK: Low Leaf - "June Gloom"

Low Leaf will be releasing her acoustic project Alchemizing Dawn sometime next month, and is expected to bring that earthy artifice of hers to a sparser, more  impressionistic turn. Those who aren't acquainted with her music yet might find it too eclectic and challenging to listen to, teeming with delightfully skewed weirdness that braids childlike whimsy with bohemianism and a bit of Kate Bush. But everything she's released so far  brims with wickedly mapped out ideas that veer away from the conventional. 

 Her first single “June Gloom” off that forthcoming EP shares this artifice: a pastoral lullaby that’s so inviting and odd that it trumps the lack of any real structure by just flowing wherever the direction takes it. In a whispery coo that begins to flutter and waft after the first minute of playing nothing but a plucked harp in the background, Low Leaf stays optimistic despite having a bad month. “Oh june gloom, june gloom… It’ll be alright,” she spits out those stray thoughts with buoyancy, ready to move on with what’s left in her hand, in all its lightweight grace. Stream the track below:


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