September 6, 2012

NEW TRACK: Plant A Tree Feat. Glaiza De Castro - "PNP4"

Pat Sarabia a.k.a. Plant A Tree recruits young actress Glaiza De Castro on a twisted art-pop jam that brings to mind  a groggy version of Deerhoof and Morningwood. The collabo track is called “PNP4” and it features Glaiza’s candy-coated vocals pitched up and manipulated to make it sound like a drugged Satomi Matsuzaki stuck in a mobile disco caravan with nothing to hold on to but a glass of Margarita and some vaguely funky, bleep-blop pop music pounding from the speakers.

There’s payload of weird hooks and gristly drum fills, knob-twiddling electronic flourishes and lilting keys, and these elements are all veiled with glittery bounce that makes you pumped up to dance, even if everyone in the neighborhood wants you to just stop. Download the new track here and stream it below:

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