September 22, 2012

NEW TRACK: The Sleepyheads - "God's Lonely Man"

After churning out catchy jangly pop anthems that linger around themes of loserdom, social alienation and meaninglessness of the world, we kind of expected “God’s Lonely Man” to fit in the same bill, poking fun at the miserablist feeling while embracing Jonathan Richman-meets-Velvet Underground lo-fi claustrophobia like it’s 2005. But lo and behold, they’ve worn something different this time, grinding on the walls of guitar distortion and noise for a slightly different direction.

“God’s Lonely Man,” the new track off The Sleepyheads’ upcoming record SEE-SAW to be released next month, sounds more like a noise-pop reincarnation than a return to old form; melting such familiar themes we’ve grown accustomed to in a distant, abstractly pained haze. But this time, it’s done with tongue-in-cheek sensibility and a hint of comic satire, wrapped up with a video of a porn-worshipping, pathetic chub basking in his own little, miserable world of glossy babe posters and adult magazines. Watch their NSFW video below:

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