September 12, 2012

NEW TRACK: The Strangeness - "Ramblin' Man"

No. This isn’t a cover of a Hank Williams Sr. song bearing the same title, but more of an attempt to rewrite the good old Southern heartbreaker into something as equally honest and compelling as the point of reference. The Strangeness pays tribute to the stoner sentimentalist by way of lo-fi, mellowed-out guitar jammery in which Francis Cabal intones, “it’s a force of habit, when you want something you grab it” while pouring his soul with a dad-rock disguise. It’s an understatedly disarming performance that doesn’t really need any embellishment in it, because for all we know—a song this clear and simple, with a voice that’s just breathtaking in its most despairing moments—is more than enough to get you through your saddest days. Stream this new jam by The Strangeness below:

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