September 22, 2012

NEW TRACK: Yolanda Moon - "73"

It’s been quite a year for Yolanda Moon. In a span of 6 months, they’ve quickly ascend into buzz band status, eventually landing them a deal with Manila-based indie label, Terno Recordings. The success, I believe has something to do with the songs posted in their Soundcloud page and how these packets of tease were turned into a gold mine from its early incarnations as demo tracks. Those sparsely crafted, stripped down compositions punctuated with nuance and detail, send chills every damn time you listen to it, taking their jabs from every great artist in their timeline—from Stevie Wonder to Conor Oberst.

Their new track “73” marks another solid turn into their songcraft, committed rigorously on crafting earnest folk-pop music that is less about ambition, and more on heart and soul. While not as game-changing as first single “Small Talk,” it validates Yolanda Moon’s knack for heartsick ballads, that when consigned to a subdued but transcendent performance, can lead into a gravitating piece of work that’s just beautiful beyond words. Stream it below:

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