September 23, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Mecha Hell - "Assault"

Brimming with wobbly bass and laser-bomb, dubstep-y effects, Mecha Hell’s “Assault” is nothing short of massive. It’s an earful of ra-ta-tat drums uproar, Megatron samples, and plangent 2-step, sieved in a woozy jam that smacks you in for a head banging experience. Incorporating Oriental-lite keys in the lines of Skrillex’s infamous "Kyoto” and a recall of Skream’s “Vacillate”, Mecha Hell isn’t wasting any opportunity for sloppy or anticlimactic turns. However, there are brief moments that could have used less shrill and a bit more bass, but on second thought, this is why the track is called “Assault” in the first place.

Check out the Kat De Jesus-directed video featuring Patty Tiu as the svelte chick gone deranged. - Mary Christine Galang

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