October 3, 2012

NEW TRACK: August Wahh - "Just A Thought"

Let’s face it. It’s not very often that you get excited over a solo female artist who puts her knowledge of beat-making and production into practical effect, juggling floor-burning eccentricity and feminine oomph to create some of the year’s freshest pop releases. Deeper Manila’s latest talent, August Wahh dresses herself with a spacey throttle of minimalist beats and samples, but also careful not to upstage the singing that serves as the highlight of this futurist, R&B-inflected pop blueprint. Toying with stern homemade-electro, August Waah finds a fascinating ground between Bite Orca-era Dirty Projectors and Aaliyah, taking what could have been conventional and made it gloriously woozy, exciting and further outward. Stream this new track below.

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